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Village Of Crestwood

13840 S. Cicero Crestwood, IL 60418
Phone: 708 371-4800
Fax: 708 371-4849
The Village Hall Hours:

Sunday:      CLOSED
Monday:      9:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday:     9:00am - 8:00pm
Wednesday:   9:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday:    9:00am - 4:00pm
Friday:      9:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday:    CLOSED

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Crestwood Village ordinance prohibits parking on ANY village streets between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00a.m. The reason for this ordinance is so Police will be alerted to abandoned vehicles or suspicious vehicles that require investigations. This ordinance also ensures that all streets throughout the Village will be open to fire and rescue equipment in the event of an overnight emergency. This is especially necessary in areas where narrow streets can block large fire trucks. We will continue to enforce this ordinance. Please use our new online system www.frontlinepss.com/crestwood to request a specific request for exception. Limited requests per resident. Thank You for your cooperation with this ordinance. The initial fine for this violation is $75.00. This is a Village wide ordinance. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR LATE NIGHT AND OVERNIGHT GUESTS ARE MADE AWARE OF THIS AS WELL!

 Garbage Service

Things to Keep in Mind for Better Refuse Service!! Republic is contracted to be in town between the hours of 7: 00am & 7: 00 pm on Mondays. To avoid being missed, make sure that your trash is out after 6:00 pm on Sundays. Please be respectful and don’t put out prior. Due to vacations, illness, equipment breakdown, etc.., Allied may not always arrive at your home at the same time each week, please be prepared and please be patient. Also, please remove cans from the street promptly. See the Garbage Information Tab above for more information and schedules.



 Mayor’s hard work pays off BIG for residents

Mayor Louis Presta will be able to put another notch in his belt due to his hard work in making the Tinley Creek project a real possibility. Now that the project is completed homeowners that were in the floodplain area have been taken out of danger and can eliminate their flood insurance policy. This could save a homeowner up to $1200 a year. To put this in perspective there was 178 homes which were removed from the flood zone which will end up saving all the homeowners together about $214,000 a year. Mayor Presta was able to bring MWRD, FEMA, Army Corps of Engineers and the Village of Crestwood together to make this project a success. Industria and V3 did all the heavy work with combined oversight and watchful eyes of the MWRD engineers and Bill Graffeo, Village Services Director.

Like any big project there were ups and downs but when you take a step back and look at the good that has come about form all the hard work this is one of Crestwood greatest accomplishments in a long time. You can measure how relative it is by the beautiful looks and upgraded bridges and even the $214,000 a year that will save homeowners throughout the Playfield area. Residents of Crestwood are very thankful for all the hard work that Mayor Louis Presta and his team have accomplished by completing the Tinley creek renovation. Every day the village hall receives many thank you calls to express their gratitude for a job well done.

FEMA has provided revised floodway data along with a cut out map of the revised sections. Interested persons, such as property owners, insurance agents, and mortgage lenders that may benefit from this information can come obtain a copy if desired.

Below you will find an example of such map.

2018 Business License

Just a reminder to all of our Businesses in the Village. At this time you should have your current 2018 business license updated and posted. If you haven’t done so already, please contact Colleen at Village Hall 708 371-4800 x 2012 as soon as possible to complete this process.   We appreciate your business and wish you a successful prosperous year!

Salute to Those Who Make A Difference"

The Illinois State Crime Commission has announced the Selection of Lou Presta as the “Municipal Leader of the Year” for 2018

Mayor Presta has been chosen as the recipient of this prestigious award because of his consistent and successful efforts to lower crime in Cook County and his successful efforts to modernize law enforcement agencies, increase policing and his advocacy to better equip and train law enforcement officers in Cook County.

Mayor Presta will be honored at the Illinois State Crime Commissions annual “Salute to Those Who Make A Difference” awards dinner held at the Drury Lane in Oak Brook, Illinois this coming June.

Congratulations Mayor Presta!

New Village Service

Request Non-Emergency Services citizen, you have the ability to request your own entries that will be directed right to your police department. Simply choose the selection below and fill out a form for your request. 

Going out of town and need the Crestwood Police Department to check on your house? Need to notify us regarding overnight parking? Log on to our portal at www.frontlinepss.com/crestwood and make your request quickly and easily. In addition to parking and house checks, the portal also allows you to make a report to the Department of Public Works should you see anything out of order (street lights, traffic signals, etc.) in the Village.Request non-emergency services here


Why Pipe Freezing is a Problem

Pipes that freeze most frequently are those that are exposed to severe cold, like outdoor hose bibs, swimming pool supply lines, water sprinkler lines, and water supply pipes in unheated interior areas like basements and crawl spaces, attics, garages, or kitchen cabinets. Pipes that run against exterior walls that have little or no insulation are also subject to freezing.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Before the onset of cold weather, prevent freezing of these water supply lines and pipes by following these recommendations:

• Remove, drain, and store hoses used outdoors. Close inside valves supplying outdoor hose bibs. Open the outside hose bibs to allow water to drain. Check around the home for other areas where water supply lines are located in unheated areas. Look in the basement, crawl space, attic, garage, and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Both hot and cold water pipes in these areas should be insulated.

• Consider installing specific products made to insulate water pipes like a “pipe sleeve” or installing UL-listed “heat tape,” “heat cable,” or similar materials on exposed water pipes.
During Cold Weather, Take Preventative Action

• Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Be sure to move any harmful cleaners and household chemicals up out of the reach of children.

• When the weather is very cold outside, let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe – even at a trickle – helps prevent pipes from freezing.

• If you will be going away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your home, set to a temperature no lower than 55° F.

To Thaw Frozen Pipes

• Before attempting to thaw a frozen pipe, inspect the pipe for damage. Water expands as it freezes, which can rupture the frozen section of pipe.

• Keep the faucet open. As you treat the frozen pipe and the frozen area begins to melt, water will begin to flow through the frozen area. Running water through the pipe will help melt ice in the pipe.

• Apply heat to the section of pipe using an electric heating pad wrapped around the pipe, an electric hair dryer, or a portable space heater (kept away from flammable materials). Do not use a blowtorch, kerosene or propane heater, or other open flame device.

• Apply heat until full water pressure is restored. If you are unable to locate the frozen area, if the frozen area is not accessible, if you find damage to the frozen area, or if you cannot thaw the pipe, call a licensed plumber.

• Check all other faucets in your home to find out if you have additional frozen pipes. If one pipe freezes, others may freeze, too.

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