Welcome to the Official Village of Crestwood website. Here you will find the latest news and events from around Crestwood. You can also find meeting agendas and minutes, businesses in Crestwood,  and contact information for Village services.

Village Of Crestwood

13840 S. Cicero Crestwood, IL 60418
Phone: 708 371-4800
Fax: 708 371-4849
The Village Hall Hours:

Sunday:      CLOSED
Monday:      9:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday:     9:00am - 8:00pm
Wednesday:   9:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday:    9:00am - 4:00pm
Friday:      9:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday:    CLOSED

List of Village Holidays click on to view.




Crestwood Village ordinance prohibits parking on ANY village streets between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00a.m. The reason for this ordinance is so Police will be alerted to abandoned vehicles or suspicious vehicles that require investigations. This ordinance also ensures that all streets throughout the Village will be open to fire and rescue equipment in the event of an overnight emergency. This is especially necessary in areas where narrow streets can block large fire trucks. We will continue to enforce this ordinance. Please use our new online system www.frontlinepss.com/crestwood to request a specific request for exception. Limited requests per resident. Thank You for your cooperation with this ordinance. The initial fine for this violation is $75.00. This is a Village wide ordinance. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR LATE NIGHT AND OVERNIGHT GUESTS ARE MADE AWARE OF THIS AS WELL!

 Garbage Service

Things to Keep in Mind for Better Refuse Service!! Republic is contracted to be in town between the hours of 7: 00am & 7: 00 pm on Mondays. To avoid being missed, make sure that your trash is out after 6:00 pm on Sundays. Please be respectful and don’t put out prior. Due to vacations, illness, equipment breakdown, etc.., Allied may not always arrive at your home at the same time each week, please be prepared and please be patient. Also, please remove cans from the street promptly. See the Garbage Information Tab above for more information and schedules.



Nancy Benedetto Dog Park Grand Opening

Dogs in Crestwood will soon have a new spot to stretch their legs play fetch and frolic. The Village has been working on the dog park plans for the last year. Without a doubt, dog parks provide benefits to many dogs and their human companions, providing opportunities for exercise and socialization that can be hard to come by, especially for many dogs. The dog park will be located at 140 & Laraime.

This Dog Park was named after long time Village Clerk Nancy Benedetto who provided many years of service to our village. Pasta, the family dog would have loved to enjoy the park. In loving Memory of Nancy Benedetto and Pasta, we hope all enjoy.

Dog parks provide an excellent opportunity to socialize and exercise dogs who are comfortable in group situations, but they’re not for everyone. The health and well-being of your dog is your first priority, so think carefully about whether or not your dog is a good candidate for dog park play.

If you choose to visit a dog park with your pup, it is your responsibility to pay attention and keep your dog safe. Please follow all the rules that will be posted to ensure the safety and health of your dogs and others. PLEASE NOTE: NO DOG WASTE BAGS WILL BE PROVIDED.

It is up to each visitor to clean up after their dog . The key  to the continued existence of this wonderful park is to volunteer to keep the park clean and keep it maintained. We as a Village need to take pride in our new park and  Commit together to maintain it’s cleanliness. We are lucky to live in a Village that provides this fantastic park.

The Dog Park is due to open this month upon completion.

Proper Disposal of Medications



September 11, 2017-The Sheriff s Prescription Drug Take Back Program is pleased to partner with our police department by providing a permanent collection box for use by village residents to anonymously dispose of used and outdate prescription drugs. The Sheriff s Program also destroys these materials free of charge.

The prescription drug take-back program began in2012 when the Cook County Sheriff s Office, incollaboration with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), promoted the importance of proper disposal of unwanted or expired prescription drugs. It began with a directive from Sheriff Dart to post collection boxes at each circuit courthouse and County Building, enabling residents to more conveoiently and anonymously dispose of their medications while facilitating the proper control and disposal of unused prescription drugs.

Through sponsorship oflocal pharmaceutical take-back events, this directive expanded.into the Sheriff s Prescription Drug Take Back Program, expanding into nearby towns, villages·and Chicago Wards. InJuly, 2016 the Sheriff s Office partnered with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

InJanuary 2017, the Cook County Safe Disposal of Pharmaceuticals Ordinance went into effect, establishing the Sheriff’s Prescription Drug Take Back Program as the lead law enforcement agency inCook County to manage collection and disposal of unused and expired prescription drugs. The program focuses on both public and private entities.

On average, there is a prescription drop-off site per every twenty square miles of Cook County. With so many accessible locations, the Sheriff’s Office makes it extrmely easy to act as a responsible cit.izen and ensure that a product that can potentially be a danger to others is properly disposed of. A map and complete list and address of drop-off locations are available under the Quick Links of the Cook County Sheriff s Office Website (www.cookcountysheriff.org) under the “Safe Disposal of Prescription Drugs” .link. The site includes a program description inseven different languages.

Reasons to safely dispose of unwanted/expired drugs

  • Detrimental Health Effects
    • When taken without a prescription or medical supervision, pharmaceutical drugs have the potential to be as dangerous as street drugs.
    • The majority of teenagers abusing prescription drugs obtain them from family, friends and the medicine cabinet.
  • Unknowingly supplying illegal drug sales
    • Prescription drugs that are thrown in the trash can be retrieved by others for either personal use or lucrative gains.
    • For more information, contact the Sheriff s Prescription Drug Take Back Program at 1-84-GOT DDS RX? (1-844- 688-7379), your local police department, or go to www.cookcountysheriff.org to learn more about this free program.





As of 8/22/2017 the Crestwood Civic Center located at 14025 S. Kostner Ave. will no longer be available to rent for personal parties for our residents. We are sorry for any inconvenience however this is due to the damage done to village property during rentals and maintenance issues with the age of the building.


The Crestwood Senior Club is looking for members. They meet on the First and Third Wednesday of the month at 12:30 pm!

The club does an array of activities at their meetings. Coffee and sweet rolls are available to be enjoyed as the members visit with each other; planned activities are enjoyed on Holidays. Please join us on a meeting day for further information.

In addition the Biela Seniors Club is looking for new members as well. They meet on the Second and Fourth Monday at 12:30 pm. Call the Biela Center for more information. 708 371-4800

Something for everyone!

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