Snow Parking Ban: All vehicles must be moved off of public streets until the Village of Crestwood’s snow plow trucks have had a chance to plow the snow on the street. Once the snow plow trucks have cleared the street by your house or business, you may move your vehicle back to the street. Some neighborhoods in Crestwood do not have adequate off-street parking options. In those areas residents are encouraged to seek permission from neighbors who have off-street parking spaces and other parking options such as commercial or church parking lots that will allow streets to be clear of vehicles for all snow clearing efforts to be effective. The Crestwood Police Department will have the option of issuing a parking ticket to the owner of a vehicle left on a Village Street during a snow event as well as having the option of having the vehicle towed, or both. All towing and storage costs will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
 During the snowfall, residents should expect snow packed on all city streets. The Village of Crestwood’s Public Works will be salting main roads and secondary’s (subdivision main streets) once the snow stops falling. Residents should proceed with caution.

Residents are reminded not to push the snow from private driveways and lots onto village streets. Violators may be issued citations.