Mayor’s hard work pays off BIG for residents

Mayor Louis Presta will be able to put another notch in his belt due to his hard work in making the Tinley Creek project a real possibility. Now that the project is completed homeowners that were in the floodplain area have been taken out of danger and can eliminate their flood insurance policy. This could save a homeowner up to $1200 a year. To put this in perspective there was 178 homes which were removed from the flood zone which will end up saving all the homeowners together about $214,000 a year. Mayor Presta was able to bring MWRD, FEMA, Army Corps of Engineers and the Village of Crestwood together to make this project a success. Industria and V3 did all the heavy work with combined oversight and watchful eyes of the MWRD engineers and Bill Graffeo, Village Services Director.

Like any big project there were ups and downs but when you take a step back and look at the good that has come about form all the hard work this is one of Crestwood greatest accomplishments in a long time. You can measure how relative it is by the beautiful looks and upgraded bridges and even the $214,000 a year that will save homeowners throughout the Playfield area. Residents of Crestwood are very thankful for all the hard work that Mayor Louis Presta and his team have accomplished by completing the Tinley creek renovation. Every day the village hall receives many thank you calls to express their gratitude for a job well done.

FEMA has provided revised floodway data along with a cut out map of the revised sections. Interested persons, such as property owners, insurance agents, and mortgage lenders that may benefit from this information can come obtain a copy if desired.

Below you will find an example of such map.