Crestwood Public Works along with Alsturda, Simpson and ATS have been working on the water main break at 135th st and Cicero Ave.  It has been very difficult trying to pinpoint the leak. The leak seems to be 14 feet below the street level. The workers have to dig around storm sewers, sanitary sewers, electrical lines, traffic signals lines and gas lines. This makes for a slow process while trying to find the water main break below 16 inches of concrete an black top. Village Officials have been cost effective with the digging process for this water main break due to the fact of the heavy equipment and the Holiday weekend. The Village is sorry for any inconvenience you may have occurred in this area.

UPDATE AS OF 11/20/13
As of today, this was a lengthy process, unforeseen and unpredictable as water main breaks go. The repairs to the waterline are complete. We are now finishing the last part of the concrete. We are hoping to pave the black top on Friday so we can open up all lanes. The Village truly appreciates your patience through this ordeal. We understand it has been an inconvenience for many. This was a very tough construction project.  Thank you to Alsterda and Public Works along with support received from Cook County Highway, Worth Township and IDOT. A special appreciation for our Police, Fire and most certainly ESDA that assisted in traffic flow and our safety. We will continue to keep you informed.