Garbage Information


Republic Services, Inc. Garbage Information:

Below is a 2018 Recycle Schedule and Map


Things to Keep in Mind for Better Refuse Service!!

Republic is contracted to be in tow n between the hours of 7: 00am & 7: 00 pm on Mondays. To avoid being missed, make sure that y our trash is out after 6:00 pm on Sundays. Due to vacations, illness, equipment breakdown, etc.., Allied may not always arrive at your home at the same time each week, please be prepared and please be patient.

Republic has provided each Crestwood home with a large 95-gallon blue toter cart for garbage. The toter is to be placed curbside with the lid opening toward the street. Do not place the toter within three feet of a curbside mailbox or a parked car to allow for adequate space to operate the collection truck. This truck picks up all toters; these trucks are fitted with special equipment to lift and dump the toter contents into the truck. You are allowed to put One Bulk item per week out with garbage. A second truck will pick up additional garbage. If you continually have excess of what fits into the toter, call Allied Waste at (708) 385-8252 to request a second toter.

Yard Waste
Between April 1st and November 30th Republic will pick up yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, twigs, etc.) .It is to be placed loose in your container with the yard waste sticker affixed to the container and easily visible to the driver. These stickers are free of charge and may be picked up at the Village Hall. You may also use the paper lawn bags available for purchase at most hardware and home improvement stores. You may put out branches that you have trimmed; you must bundle them in no longer than four foot sections and pile them neatly for pickup. Keep in mind Republic is not a tree service, so be reasonable with your pile.

Republic uses a holiday schedule for only 6 holidays per year as follows:
1. New Years Day

2. Memorial Day

3. Independence Day

4. Labor Day

5. Thanksgiving Day

6. Christmas Day

On weeks when there is a holiday, if you r pickup occurs on or after the holiday, your pickup will be one day later. If your pickup is before the holiday, your pickup day will not change.


Dear Crestwood Residents,

We do however realize that this size toter may not work for every family. We also realize that as your recycling volume increases your trash volume will decrease. When we deliver these taters there will be a package of information attached to the new taters that will give instructions if you need to change the size of either the existing trash or the new recycling toter.

Recycling service for homeowners will be provided on an every other week basis, the every other week maps and service information will be attached to the taters at delivery, and will be posted on the Village of Crestwood web site when it is available.

The materials that you will be able to recycle are… Magazines,
Newspaper, Cardboard, Chipboard, Office Paper, Telephone Books,
LOPE Plastics, Glass,Aluminum & Tin, Bi-metal materials, PET Plastics,
& HOPE Plastics.

Acceptable items on this list will continue to change as commodity markets change. We will keep you informed as changes occur.

Please understand that no other areas of your service will be changing.

Your existing service day will remain the same…the Holiday Service schedule will remain the same, and the spring bulk pick will also remain the same.

For those residents that live in multi-unit condo or apt buildings we will have drop box at Village Recreation and Wellness Center for you to place your recyclables.

We appreciate the opportunity to service the residents of Crestwood.

REPUBLIC SERVICES, INC. ‘Allied Waste Services’  708-385-8252

PLEASE NOTE: The 95-gallon carts for recycling should not contain yard waste or trash.



What items are banned from landfills?

Televisions, Monitors, Printers, Computers (laptop, notebook, netbook, tablet, desktop), Electronic Keyboards, Facsimile Machines, Video Cassette Recorders, Digital, Video Disc Players, Video Game Consoles, Small Scale Servers, Scanners, Electronic Mice, Digital, Converter Boxes, Cable Receivers, Satellite receivers, Digital Video Disc Recorders, & Tires.

Where can I take my E-Waste items?

Best Buy: All Best Buy Stores accept most electronics and large appliances, at no charge with a few exceptions. Call your local Best Buy for more information.

B H L Computers: All items acceptable. There is a fee of $20 for TVS and $10 per monitor and other items are free.

12841 South Pulaski

(708) 926-2418 

All items acceptable. There is a fee of $20 for TVS and $10 per monitor and other items are free.

12841 South Pulaski  (708) 926-2418 

Goodwill: Free program. Goodwill accepts electronics in working condition as well as nonworking: TVs, cell phones, tablets, computers, computer parts and accessories, printers & scanners. Please call your local Goodwill for hours and to confirm they can accept your donation.

7400 West 159th Street  (414) 489-2448

Office Depot: Free recycling of cell phones, rechargeable batteries, ink & toner cartridges. A small fee for other items.

Staples: Free: secure recycling – any brand, any condition.

How do I dispose of unwanted or unused pharmaceuticals?

Do Not Flush!!


How do I Recycle or Get rid of Old Paint?


Remove the lid from the can and allow the paint to dry out and harden completely. The quickest process is to stir in an equal part of an absorbent material such as kitty litter, sawdust or used coffee grounds until it thickens. Once the paint has dried completely, it’s ready to be recycled (do not replace lid).

Oil Based Paint:

Oil based paints should never be tossed in the trash, even if they are dried and must be taken to a recycling center.

How to dispose of tires:

Many tires stores will dispose of old tires for free if you buy replacement tires. Call around to your local stores to see if any offer this service.

Recycling is Important

Let’s all be a partner of living a happier, healthier lifestyle, one that protects this wonderful planet we call  HOME.