Nancy Benedetto Dog Park Grand Opening

Dogs in Crestwood will soon have a new spot to stretch their legs play fetch and frolic. The Village has been working on the dog park plans for the last year. Without a doubt, dog parks provide benefits to many dogs and their human companions, providing opportunities for exercise and socialization that can be hard to come by, especially for many dogs. The dog park will be located at 140 & Laraime.

This Dog Park was named after long time Village Clerk Nancy Benedetto who provided many years of service to our village. Pasta, the family dog would have loved to enjoy the park. In loving Memory of Nancy Benedetto and Pasta, we hope all enjoy.

Dog parks provide an excellent opportunity to socialize and exercise dogs who are comfortable in group situations, but they’re not for everyone. The health and well-being of your dog is your first priority, so think carefully about whether or not your dog is a good candidate for dog park play.

If you choose to visit a dog park with your pup, it is your responsibility to pay attention and keep your dog safe. Please follow all the rules that will be posted to ensure the safety and health of your dogs and others. PLEASE NOTE: NO DOG WASTE BAGS WILL BE PROVIDED.

It is up to each visitor to clean up after their dog . The key  to the continued existence of this wonderful park is to volunteer to keep the park clean and keep it maintained. We as a Village need to take pride in our new park and  Commit together to maintain it’s cleanliness. We are lucky to live in a Village that provides this fantastic park.

The Dog Park is due to open this month upon completion.