Dear Crestwood Residents;

It has come to my attention that certain misinformation has been
circulating regarding Village ordinances that protect the rights of citizens to use public space. I am writing this letter to set the record straight and put an end to false rumors.

Village ordinances are in place to ensure that all our parks may be utilized by all of the residents of Crestwood. After all, it is taxpayer dollars – your dollars – that go toward maintaining these parks. That being said, we must also recognize that a fair and equitable system must be in place to accommodate the various organized sports clubs that depend on our public parks for their activities. Balancing the right of every citizen to enjoy public space with the needs of these organized sports groups is the sole purpose of the new ordinance agreed to by your Village Board. Let me also make clear that any suggestions that the Village wishes to deny use of public space to the Crestwood Soccer Club or any other athletic group is a complete and utter fabrication.

The Crestwood Soccer fields are leased to the Village of Crestwood from ComED. At any time ComEd may retract their lease agreement with the Village. This lease is now and has forever been between the Village and ComED and has never been intended for the exclusive use of any one sports club. I and the entire Village Board acknowledge that the Crestwood Soccer Club does a fabulous job recruiting players, organizing, and rallying the spirit of the sport, as well as contributing volunteer labor to the success of the playing fields. The Village duly supports the upkeep of the soccer fields and maintains the building on site. The Village also provides public works, sanitation, police and fire protection to the leased area.

We currently have five organized sports clubs within our Village. Each of these organizations requires the use of public space to carry out their activity. The ordinance put in place is intended to accommodate all five of these clubs and the citizens of Crestwood. This will be done through the scheduling of time and issuance of permits AT NO CHARGE, to the various clubs.

This ordinance simply underscores the democratic principle that while every citizen has a right to use park property, private clubs are merely being extended the privilege of using public property. As with all privileges, each club must be respectful of their obligations to the citizens of Crestwood extending to them the use of their property.

The intent of this ordinance also recognizes the right of citizens to engage in free-play. No private club or single individual should ever be given the power to decide who can play on Village park property. And no private club or single individual should ever be permitted to charge other clubs or citizens fees for the use of Village parks.

We need to encourage outdoor recreation in an age where hand held devices do not include a racket, or bat, but the latest bang whiz electronics. We must also have in place a system that allocates our Village resources in a fair and equitable manner. Field maintenance is crucial and it will be required that every club using Village parks respects our property or face having their use provoked. The Village Recreation Commission will administer to our parks and will be accountable to the citizens of Crestwood.
I invite you to attend our Village meetings, call, or email me; as your Mayor I am a public servant to every citizen of Crestwood and I assure you, what is good for all people of Crestwood is at the forefront of every decision being made.

In conclusion, let me say that it is the sincere desire of your Village Board to promote all of our sports clubs – t-ball, softball, baseball, soccer and football. We encourage every child and every adult to participate in one or more of the organized sports clubs that make Crestwood a great place to live.

Mayor Lou Presta

Below you will see a copy of the proposed ordinance. This may help answer further questions you have.  Local Ordinance

Attached here you will find a copy of the lease agreement between ComED & The Village Of Crestwood.  Comed Lease