Crestwood Police Patrol Division

The Crestwood Police Department consists of approximately 86 sworn officers and 20 non-sworn personnel. All of the sworn officers are required to complete 440 hours of mandated training. Additionally, the officers complete an extensive “in-house ” training program. This training enables the officers to carry out their duties in a professional manner.

Every day, Crestwood Police Officers work the streets keeping the residents, businesses, and visitors safe. Officers are assigned regular patrol zones. Assigning zones assures rapid response times and frequent coverage of the areas that require the most attention.

Typically, each shift consists of a shift supervisor (usually a sergeant), several patrol officers, and 2 detectives. Additionally, the commanders and the Chief of Police make routine inspections of the patrol operations to ensure quality coverage of the town.

On weekends and the evening shifts, “tactical” or plain clothes patrols supplement the patrol division and work on suppressing crime. Together, all components of the department function as a team to keep the village safe.

Several specialized units are also deployed with the patrol division. The departments two K-9 Units and the Bicycle Patrol supplement regular patrol units. The patrol cars utilized by the patrol division are Ford Crown Victoria’s. The vehicles are all equipped with specialty equipment, suitable for patrol operations.