Senior Check Program

Senior Check

Mayor Lou Presta has directed the Crestwood Police Department to develop a “Senior Check Program” as a means of providing the elderly citizens of our Village an enhanced sense of safety and service.

It directs personnel of the Village of Crestwood Police Department to have closer, one on one contact with those individuals who may need our assistance the most, the elderly. The program allows those residents, over 60 years of age and who possess the desire to participate, access to the Police Department office more directly through department personnel.

In addition, to the accessibility, participants will find that the Police Department will be in closer contact with them, on a periodic basis, thus increasing the level of security from enhanced communication.

Finally, The Senior Check Program “will allow those elderly individuals in Crestwood, who may have a higher level of health risk, to be occasionally checked on by the Crestwood Police Personnel.

Information from each participant will be recorded and maintained in a confidential database for access for Crestwood Police personnel.  Access to such things as family contacts, medical risks, will help our personnel be better prepared in dealing with any emergency calls for service to participating individuals. This will hopefully help any family members feel more assured that their senior relatives are safe and secure.  

   *    Be a resident of the Village of Crestwood.
*    Be over the age of 60
*    Be able to provide at least two emergency/ family contacts.

To apply, you MUST fill out an application. You may access an application online at our website. or stop by the Crestwood Police Department, Village Hall or the Biela Center.

Mayor Presta would also like to give every senior the opportunity to participate in the “Senior Assistance “program. This program was put in place to assist our elderly and disabled residents with daily household tasks. Cutting the grass, raking, shoveling snow etc. can become difficult for many. We are currently looking for volunteers to assist us with this program. High School students looking to fulfill Service Hours would be ideal. This would be a chance for our youth to give back. A separate application must be filled out to be part of this program. This Senior Assistance Program is not up and running presently. We are still in the process of gathering volunteers. There is no application available yet. Stay tuned!

Click Here for an application to enroll in the Senior Check Program