Mabbas 22 Fire/Arson Investigation Team

The Fire/Arson Team consists of member from several MABAS 22 fire departments.

Crestwood Fire Department contributes the following members to the team:

Chief J. Bruce
D/C D. Owen
Lt. C. Burke
Capt. D. Jurka

Members of the Crestwood Fire Department Cause and Origin Team, meet all requirements set by the Office of the State Fire Marshal to conduct investigations into the origin and cause of a fire incident.

In the year 2010, team members responded to over investigations within the MABAS 22 district and also assisted the south suburban fire task force with investigations in MABAS 19, 15, 24, and 27.

Training is provided each month to keep all investigators apprised of the latest techniques, and practical experiences, under the direction of the State Fire Marshal, along with Alcohol Tobacco and Fire Arms training officers.